At CityBug Shuttle Service, we realise that travelling for business or pleasure can be a bit of a hassle if you don’t have all the right logistical measures in place. For instance – getting to and from your destination is all good and well, but have you considered the matter of getting to and from the airport?

It’s all good and well to rustle up a grudging family member to ferry you about every now and again, but when you’re a frequent traveller, this kind of thing can have a significant impact on your popularity ratings. Today we take a quick look at five ways in which a Johannesburg airport shuttle service can simplify your life.

No need to deal with traffic

If there is one thing that can throw off an entire travel experience, it’s being stuck in gridlock traffic en route to the airport. Professional chauffeurs know the best routes around Johannesburg, so you can sit back and relax while they navigate the traffic and get you to the terminal with plenty of time to spare.

Assurance of prompt arrival & departure

When you’re counting on a family member or friend to ferry you to the airport, there is always the chance that someone could oversleep, forget to set an alarm or simply get caught up in their own drama at home. When you invest in a professional shuttle service, you are assured that you will be picked up and dropped off promptly every time.

VIP experience

A Johannesburg shuttle service is about more than just getting to the airport on time – you will enjoy a courteous, relaxing experience from start to finish as a professional driver helps you with your luggage and ensures you are comfortable throughout your journey.

Less stress = more travel prep time

When you don’t have the added stress of worrying about reaching your destination in time, or finding parking in a crowded airport garage, you can sit back and use your travel time to your advantage. Travelling for business? Excellent – get out those reports and prep for your meeting. Travelling for pleasure? Fabulous – whip out your guide book and hit the road running when you arrive!

Save time & money

An airport shuttle service may seem like a needless expense at face value, but when you factor in added expenses like parking, taxi fair, tips, etc. it becomes clear that it will actually end up saving you money.

And there you have it – five excellent reasons to choose a Johannesburg shuttle service the next time you’re heading off on a grand adventure.

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