At Citybug Shuttle Service, our main focus is on providing such a great service that we are able to become life-long travel partners for our valued clientele. This is why we go out of our way to make every journey a pleasure from start to finish, and make a point of rewarding our frequent travellers. After all, they are the lifeblood of our business, so it’s our pleasure to take care of their needs.


To reward the continued support provided by frequent Citybug travellers, we provide a complimentary shuttle trip for every ten paid trips taken. That’s right, take ten trips with Citybug Shuttle Service and receive the 11th trip on us, totally free of charge! It doesn’t matter how far you travel or how close together or far apart those trips are, once you’ve ticked off those first ten, we’ll ferry you anywhere your heart desires (on our established routes) without you having to pay a single cent. That’s just how we roll.

Important to note: Please book using your ID or Passport number to qualify for Citybug Frequent Traveller Rewards.


At Citybug Shuttle Service, we care about the safety of all our passengers. That’s why we offer a FREE CAR SEAT SERVICE when you travel with us. An infant car seat or 3-35kg car seat is now available. Bookings are essential, so make sure you call ahead. This facility has been made available to ensure that the babies and children we travel on our coaches are as safe as possible.

But, we don’t only take care of our really young passengers, we also make a point of accommodating our senior travellers. Pensioners have plenty of time to travel, visit family and see the country, but also have to be budget-conscious. That is why seniors get an automatic pensioner discount of R100 off the price of their ticket every time they travel. No matter, where or when. Terms and conditions apply.

With all these great incentives in place, it only makes sense to book your journey with Citybug Shuttle Service. Take a look at our routes, as well as departure and arrival points and times, when you plan your next adventure. You can now even book your ticket online from the comfort of your home without having to pick up the phone! We look forward to welcoming you on board.