Citybug Parcel Delivery Service

Send a document, tender documents, business documents or parcel to any Citybug destination from only R150 with the Citybug Parcel Delivery Service.

What is the Citybug Parcel Delivery Service?

With the Citybug Parcel Delivery Service you can send envelopes or parcels to any of our normal travel destinations and have a friend or relative collect the envelope or parcel at the destination.

Can I book my parcel delivery online?

Not currently. Please contact us to arrange your envelope or parcel service.

What can I send?

Envelopes from A5 to A3, Suitcases or Bags (Apple Box Size), Golf Bags and items bigger than an Apple Box.

Will you deliver to a street address?

No. You, a friend or relative will need to collect the envelope or parcel at the Citybug route destination.

When will I get my envelope or parcel?

On the same day if the Citybug route is same day. For longer routes this might also be overnight. Prices charged are the same for same day or overnight. Remember that your parcel will need to be collected from the Citybug route destination. We do not deliver to a street address or office.

Do I need to book my parcel delivery in advance?

Yes. Please contact us at least 24-hours in advance.

What can I not send?

We do not transport dangerous items (firearms, ammunition, chemicals, lithium batteries or any item that we consider a risk) any live animals or frozen goods. We also do not transport any outsized items like surfboards, bicycles or trunks. If you are unsure if you can send your parcel, please contact us.

Envelope A5 R150 Cost
Envelope A4 R200 Cost
Envelope A3 R300 Cost
Suitcase or Bag (Apple Box Size) R300 Cost
Golf Bag R450 Cost
Big Items (Bigger than Apple Box) R500 Cost



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